Camera and the Giant Golf Ball

So, yesterday I took my brother to a band practice near Ludlow and instead of coming all the way home between drop off and pick up I thought I'd explore Ludlow and the surrounding area. First I went into ludlow town and went around all the charity shops finding old records. I ended up with, The Cure Boys Don't Cry, Wings band on the run and Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells. I Then Chanced upon a man selling old camera's on a market stall. I talked to him for about a hour and eventually bought a camera. This is the camera. its a Chinon CG-5

Still having hours to spare I drove up to Clee hill. A strange outcrop of rock, much quarryed and worn. The road goes nearly to the top. I stopped at the end of the road and walked the rest taking pictures of the old quarry buildings with my new camera. Once ontop I was confronted with this Giant Golf ball and a dead sheep. The film I took the pictures on is 12 years out of date, but if the pictures come out, i'll post them here!

J Bones x

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