A Reply To A Different Person

I’m sorry I can’t reply.
I simply cannot be truthful; I will hold something back,
That will make me feel like a liar; foolish.
I will say the wrong things, read the wrong things,
You see,
The truth is
I still love you
And I cannot tell anyone.

It breaks me down every time I even admit it to myself


Been making some sounds again alongside writing poetry. I like making music but I fear I am not very good at it. Technically my music skills seem to be ok, but i realy can't sing and this fact often makes my songs unlistenable. see what you hear, have a listen...



Run through the sand dunes; to watch
The sea crash and draw,
Pummelling the wet salty pebbles.

At distance, each wave decisive,
Puppeteered by a waning master; who lilts
With beautiful menace,
Behind the soft curtain of the clouds.

Each rasping breath rounds the stone in a clatter,
Of ice cold foam; that draws under,
Bubbling and refreshed.