We don’t like Christmas; because
It has become a festival of consumerism.

The rich kids get the best presents; because
They pay Father Christmas more.

Seeing the family is pointless; because
We don’t like them and they don’t like us.

Let’s go out and walk in the frost,
I’ll kiss you and you can kiss me; because
Love is better than Christmas,
And we can have it everyday.

J. Bones



had HAIR cut.
hairdresser talked about PHOTOGRAPHY.
I was really HOT under the hair cutting robe.
12 year old FILM cost £10 and two weeks at Jessops.
will keep you POSTED on that one.
BLACK shirt from primark.
black SHOES from tk maxx.
you can't put numbers in CAPITOLS.
SHAME that.
and the fact that two glasses of CHAMPAGNE went all over the shirt within 10 minutes of starting work in it.
also managed to BURN myself on a tea light.
the TITLE of this post sounds like the subjects of some of my less vulgar spam emails.
i hate SPAM emails

J Bones


I went painting in the forest the other day. I took two camera's: canon digital and Chinon CG-5. I pointed the digital through the viewfinder on the Chinon. This is what happened. By the way, I'd like to mention in passing that I am an angry person. yes, I'm very angry.

Problem sorted

More pictures keep on appearing on the highlights, so I found a solution: Remove Friend.


Camera and the Giant Golf Ball

So, yesterday I took my brother to a band practice near Ludlow and instead of coming all the way home between drop off and pick up I thought I'd explore Ludlow and the surrounding area. First I went into ludlow town and went around all the charity shops finding old records. I ended up with, The Cure Boys Don't Cry, Wings band on the run and Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells. I Then Chanced upon a man selling old camera's on a market stall. I talked to him for about a hour and eventually bought a camera. This is the camera. its a Chinon CG-5

Still having hours to spare I drove up to Clee hill. A strange outcrop of rock, much quarryed and worn. The road goes nearly to the top. I stopped at the end of the road and walked the rest taking pictures of the old quarry buildings with my new camera. Once ontop I was confronted with this Giant Golf ball and a dead sheep. The film I took the pictures on is 12 years out of date, but if the pictures come out, i'll post them here!

J Bones x


Mr & Mrs Compost

I heard, by chance, a sampler of Bibio's forthcoming album and although I had not even heard of Bibio until about a fortnight ago I became very excited. It sounds quite brilliant. Hear it here if you like interesting electronic, sampled and lo-fi sounds http://www.myspace.com/mrbibio

Musical Explorations And Being Lost

it seems, at the moment, music is a forefront thought for me

I lie

it always is.

I get very absorbed in sound and often think like a musical explorer, I love finding music that is hidden, obscure. The natural world, scientific, and increasingly psychological is seemingly overexplored. But Artistic produce, diverse as it is, becomes almost indefinite. The internet facilitates the exploration of this on gigantuan proportions. Personally, music becomes a magic realm, free to plunge into and so willing to be heard.

Take Me, In The Manner You Made Me

oh goodness, oh elephant grace, oh terminally tired tea maid!

I can't stop thinking about this blog, and what I thunk is that I'm going to be really honest with it and say things that I can't on myspace because 320 people may be subject.

oh fecking monsters, here I go. you know what I hate at the moment? well its facebook highlights. you know why? well its because everytime I go on there, the highlights seem to be pictures of my ex-girlfriend and my replacement. his name is Chris and according to her, he's just like me, only better. yippee. he has a long droopy face and big brown eyes. sometimes I want to be him.

J Bones x

The More I Try the more vain&uninterestingitallbecomes

I hesitate in posting this because it is rather self indulgent, but i thought, what the hell. this is the kind of musical experiment I conduct to keep something of myself alive when I'm bored, set to some random summer footage of myself doing what i do.

J Bones x

not because, but because of...

"Oh Clara, Now you're gone, I don't know where to start, you lit up every corner of my heart"

I seem to have spent a dayful of hours using my fingers only to type and my eyes only to pry on pixels. what a waste of useless nailbiting time. I can't help but listen to Alan Pownall over and over.